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  • Thinset Thickness


    This is barely a plumbing question, but I am confident the resident experts wil have some advice. I have installed cement board surrounding the tub/shower alcove and am in the process of using thinset to cover joints. I have a small area that need some levelling and am wondering how thick I can go with the thinset to even out the inconsistenices. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Thinset Thickness

    usually the thinset mortar is floated to make everything even and level. There is no exact thickness, as there are alot of variables.

    I have seen it from 1/4" to as much as 1 1/2" for custom tile. I even had a call to set finish on a shower wall that was 2 1/4" thick, which was overkill to say the least.



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      Re: Thinset Thickness

      2-1/4 of thinset

      Tar and feather him

      Usually the tile has scratch and brown stages done to provide the necessary backing for tile giving you the finished thickness to thinset to as you know.Sorry Robert,Anyone that does more than 3/4" of thinset is running a risk of cracking the tile.

      In the past tile setters were using a 1/4"x1/4" notch trowel to spread and butter up.Now I'm seeing more 1/2"x1/2" or even 3/4"(on floors).The smaller 1/4 has more of a tendency to make HOLLOW tiles,pockets under the tile.The thicker the thinset on vertical altho making it easier to plane out will make it harder to get to stick-and-stay.