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Has anyone used the new Ridgid pex crimp tools?

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  • Has anyone used the new Ridgid pex crimp tools?

    Has anyone used the new Ridgid pex crimping tools? I am considering buying them because of their short handles and their advertised ability to produce a crimp with less force than other brands.

    I currently own a set of full sized Zurn crimpers, and the 1" crimper is almost 2Ft in length. I haven't actually had a chance to use the 1" crimper, but I gather that the long handles will give the user a lot more leverage then the shorter models on the market. However the crimper is too big to fit into my 20" toolbox (I don't want to start using a 26" one if I can help it), but the 1" Ridgid crimper will fit. I am just wondering if the Ridgid crimper will produce a crimp as easy or easier as the longer Zurn crimper? I tried to crimp a 1" fitting overhead once with a 1" crimper made by Vanguar or Sioux Chief once, and it was not easy!

    So can anyone offer me some insight into my questions, or atleast say something good or bad about the Ridgid crimpers?