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    I am adding a radiant heat zone to an existing baseboard zone in a basement that is controled by a seperate thermostat apart from the upstairs thermostat. I tee'd off the baseboard line, added a mixing valve, zone valves and an additional taco circulator for the radiant zone. My question is, because I want the radiant to run off of the existing basement thermostat can I wire the new circulation pump off of the existing main circ. pumps transformer. That would allow both circ. pumps to run when the basement thermostat calls for heat, but would also run the radiant heat circ. pump whenever the upstairs thermostat calls for heat. How can I wire the radiant heat pump to run only when the basement zone calls for heat?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: circulation pumps

    How was is the heating system set up before you added the radiant zone?

    Was it 1 pump with 2 zone valves? 1 serving main house and another serving basement?

    Now you have added a radiant zone with mixing valve and additional pump off the basement heat lines? and you want the radiant to be controlled off the basement t-stat? Difficult to give good advice without seeing how it's setup.

    Connecting the radiant zone to existing t-stat is a bad idea. Stat will be satisfied long before radiant has a chance to heat the floor. Radiant should be independent of any other control. Besides the boiler relays and transformers are only sized for the 1 pump. I suggest not wiring to them. Better if you get a zone/pump relay to control system and it simplifies the wring process.

    Hope this helps some


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      Re: circulation pumps

      look into a zone control relay. it will make wiring the boiler, thermostats, circulator pumps and zone control valves relatively simple. one caution...i believe zone control relays are available to control either circulator pumps or zone control valves, but not both if there are multiple circulators and zone control valves in the same system. i'm sure that by combining different types of relays in very complex systems, they can be made to work successfully, but my limited experience has shown me that the simpler the system design is, the better it works. in the residential applications i am familiar with, using multiple circulator pumps to send heat to multiple zones (one circulator per zone) or one circulator and multiple zone valves to send heat to multiple zones, usually work well. look into taco and argo zone control relays. i have experience with argo and their customer support is very good. one more thought is to get a zone control relay that has at least one more zone capability than you think you will need. then, after you're all done and decide you need one more zone for something, its already there. i had to add a fourth zone to a system with a 3 zone relay control. it wasn't hard with the tech support from argo. they even wrote up a "wiring diagram" for me which made it foolproof. hope this helps.
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