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SharkBite and Polybutylene??

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  • SharkBite and Polybutylene??

    I had a shower valve leak over the weekend and the leak damaged most of my home. Yesterday, I had a "pro" install a new shower valve in my home that has PB. He put sharkbites to connect the PB to copper for the shower valve.

    I let the "pro" do the plumbing work since the insurance is covering the work, but isn't a sharkbite incompatible with PB? Unfortunately, I didn't know this until after the silly thing was installed and I mentioned it to my neighbor.

    Is this a common practice? Should I get the "pro" to come out a fix it right before the stupid thing leaks again?



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    Re: SharkBite and Polybutylene??

    PB has a history of failure and there are only so few methods to rejoin back to it.

    The longer you gamble with that piping the more chances you'll have damage occur.

    Anything that works by ways of compression is not legal in most states.

    Right now in my area sharkbites are legal for transition in non-concealed areas.

    Check with your local authority/plumbing codes as that will dictate the final say of whether it's legal or not.

    I'd trust the copper and the sharkbites over your degrading defective PB anyday.

    Sharkbites work off of CTS dimensions. I can count on two hands the number of times I've used them, still cautious of their application.
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      Re: SharkBite and Polybutylene??

      I would use Quest fittings before the Sharkbites on PB. You should really consider a repipe of your water distribution in your home.


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        Re: SharkBite and Polybutylene??

        I feel the sharkbite does less damage to the pipe vs. crimping. We all know that crimped connections can leak, why not try something else?
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