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Shower valve Driving me nuts

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  • Shower valve Driving me nuts

    I have a exspensive Moen shower valve , the kind that stops sudden water temperature changes, Worked jolly well for years then a leak appeared on one of the copper pipes leading to it ( about 2 inches away from the actual valve. I removed all the innerds out of the valve before soldering. When I soldered i wrapped cold asbestos cloth around the main valve so wouldn't over heat it. Finished the job, reassembled the valves, turned the water on and all I can get out of it is a tiny trickle of hot water. Sure would be thankful for a tip on this or do I have to go buy a new valve ? Thanks.

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    Re: Shower valve Driving me nuts

    Are you sure you put all the bits back into it correctly? Do you have a diagram or anything to reference to be sure?


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      Re: Shower valve Driving me nuts

      After turning the water back on, debris could have clogged the cartridge or balancing spool.
      After re-inserting the cartridge, the rubber gasket could have hung up on the port.

      Does the shower valve have screwdriver stops? I've seen situations where the bibb washer from the hot side broke off due to being brittle and clogged the passage way.

      I would start off by removing all of the components, closing the shower curtain/door, then turn the water on full blast to make sure none of the ports are plugged.

      Then check the cartridge and/or balancing spool.