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Novice - Need Info on Moen Shower valve

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  • Novice - Need Info on Moen Shower valve

    I purchased a Moen shower/tub two handle faucet to replace an existing two handle faucet in our stand alone shower (no tub connection). In reading the installation instructions it says to remove the brass insert before brazing the valve to the pipes. (It does not say to reinstall it, or which side to use it on, Tub or shower.) So I called Moen to ask what this is and they said it is a "filter". Right. It looks like it is just a simple reducer. Is this what is being used by Moen to increase water pressure / reduce water flow to meet federal standards? Just wondering what this is for and if I need to re install it. BTW, the part is a smaller diameter pipe about 1" long that fits (screws) inside the water feed to either the shower or the tub. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks! bobj.

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    Re: Novice - Need Info on Moen Shower valve

    I'm lost.

    I'd have to see a picture of it or the model number to know exactly you are talking about.

    It's made of brass or plastic?