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Drain Auger Power Spinner with a Driller

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  • Drain Auger Power Spinner with a Driller

    I'd like to use a hand driller to attach with the power spinner for easier operation. However, there is no information regarding what minimal size of chunk (1/4 , 3/8 or 1/2) of driller I should use with the power spinner

    BTW, will keyless type driller work fine with the power spinner ?

    Thanks for any information you can offer.

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    Re: Drain Auger Power Spinner with a Driller

    First I do not own or have ever used a "power spinner" I do have a professional drill type powered unit made by a different company than the host of the forum.

    I would suggest a variable speed 3/8 corded drill or a 3/8" or 1/2" variable speed, multigear, cordless drill, one that you can make go SLOW. The professional hand held units appear to have used a 3/8 drill as the base of there tool, You will not need a lot of power with a small cable like the drill spin units use, as if you have a lot of power you may twist and knot up the cable in the drain and get it stuck so you can not remove it, It may flip over if you get into a larger drain say going from a 1 1/2" in to a three inch if some thing binds it for some reason, I would not suggest to use it in any thing over 2" pipe, and keep the speed down and light on the trigger, running the cable in or out turn or rotate the cable so it is tightening on it self, use reverse only if you tangle up the cable and it needs to be untangled but running the cable "back wards" can cause you problems in a hurry.
    a key less chuck should work fine, I would think a cordless drill would would be safer than the corded unit.
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      Re: Drain Auger Power Spinner with a Driller

      The power spin's cable is so flimsy that a 1/4" drill would overpower it. I own one and used it only for snaking tubs through the w/o.
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