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K-400 for home use

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    Re: K-400 for home use

    Originally posted by wdbarbe View Post
    I have a recurring problem with my main line from the house to the street.
    I know I have a crack or two in the pipe and get a stoppage about twice a year.
    When I rent a snake to clean it out, I am good for about 6 months. When I pull the snake out, all I see are some very small bits of root. About 1/16 inch diameter or less.
    I am getting tired of having to go rent a snake whenever this occures and thought I might buy one.
    Would the K-400 be sufficient for this? Pipe appears to be 4 inch at the cleanout.
    Any suggestions? I would rather not pay over $1000 for a big machine if I can help it.
    Plumber Rick is on the right the page with this one.
    You can have real night mare on your hands by using too small of a cable.
    Not only will the cable twist and kink,
    but it's also very dangerous as cables do
    bind up and take body parts with it.
    Another issue is a cable can snarl up in a line and break way down in there and then you've really got issues.