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Air lock? Manufacturers defect?

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  • Air lock? Manufacturers defect?

    Our Ridgid Sump Pump- (basement ground water only) seems to be airlocking and becomes very overheated. It is a full submersible and is nearly new. In 30 years of sump pump usage this is the first time we have had a pump that air locks - but we don't know until the warning alarm goes off because the water has risen above the crock top and is on the basement floor. Is the pump defective? We just unplug and re-plug it in to break the air lock and it starts pumping.

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    Re: Air lock? Manufacturers defect?

    i always drill a 3/16'' hole in the discharge pipe inside of the pit at the level of the top of the pump. this will allow the air to escape and not get locked against the check valve.

    not sure if the ridgid pumps require it, but the zoller pumps do.

    make sure to drill the hole so that it redirects it into the oit without splashing.

    phoebe it is