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Sump pump will not shut off

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  • Sump pump will not shut off

    I removed my Rigid SP-330D sump pump (w/diaphragm) to install a back-up battery pump. When I placed it back in the sump basin and plugged it in, it drained the basin but it won't shut off. The pump is only 1.5 years old and was working fine before I yanked it out of the sump pit. Any thoughts or advice for me?

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    Re: Sump pump will not shut off

    After posting this question, it occurred to me that at the same time I removed and re-installed the Ridgid SP-330D, I also cut-off and replaced one of the plugs as the original plug would not fit through the air-tight hole in my newly-installed radon-mitigation sump pit cover. I noticed what appeared to be an extra hollow wire in the cord that I momentarily questioned but dismissed.

    Could this extra hollow wire (tube) be connected to the diaphragm switch? If it is obstructed, could it be the reason the pump will not turn off? Is the fix as simple as ensuring the tube is exposed to the atmosphere (locating its free end outside of the cord's sheathing just below the new plug's housing)?


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      Re: Sump pump will not shut off

      Have a look at your owners manual. according to the online manual on page 4, item 4 of the right hand column. There is an alignment procedure for the diaphragm switch.

      Did you do this??



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        Re: Sump pump will not shut off

        I found out today.....the hard way that I need to rotate my stock on M53's. A pump I installed in april of 2006 failed yesterday. Checked the mfg. tag to see if the supply house would replace it............dated 2004.

        I installed a secondary pump when I replaced the primary. There was a copper penny *I clean those pits on any replacement, kid threw pennies in the pit like a wishing well* holding check valve #2 open allowing all water to backflow into the pit between cycles.

        Short cycled #1 pump to death....switch burned up and permanently stayed on. Steam and hot water was being created by the incident.

        I didn't charge a dime; chalked it up to business. There's 3 customers I work for in that cul-de-sac.....they all know each other and I've done work for all three. Can't be sticking it to them on the pump even though I know damn right well the kid was enjoying putting garbage down the pit causing the pump failure.

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