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hydronic radiant heating problem

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    Re: hydronic radiant heating problem

    The whole building is done in cpvc.
    Just where it dropes down under the floor anyhow.

    Not sure why they would have done that?Building is seven years old.Going to have another crack at it tomrow but dont feel good about beeing able to find that exposed platic pipe.

    When I cut through the ceiling I could feel a draft coming through??Something else to reserch on.

    Thx for the advice hawk

    Temp here was - 41 last 7 days
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      Re: hydronic radiant heating problem

      Here are a few pics.


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        Re: hydronic radiant heating problem

        That is not cpvc !! It's Kitec Pex -aluminum - Pex


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          Re: hydronic radiant heating problem

          Ended up blasting hot water through the pipe and collected the excess water with a shop vac 5 mintutes top!

          Put that in your back pocket Plumbers lol

          P.s is this The same kitec I was working on?


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            Re: hydronic radiant heating problem

            Good for you gobby, glad to hear you got it fixed.

            Yes , the same kitec but different fittings.

            As far as sticking things in my back pocket , not so much.
            You tried salt right? Try doing right next time. I have thawed 60' well lines that were frozen for two days by using the brine trick.
            I also have an old wall paper steamer that builds 12 psi of pressure with a 25' coil of 1/8 tubing , I used this trick to thaw 3/4 pex lines from the basement up, messy but works.
            Not to mention 5 different fan forced propane heaters to play with.
            I live in New England, I am no stranger to frozen pipes.

            What you seem to forget is, you can type words all day and night and we cannot see the whole picture, You are there we are not. We have no idea of what your resources or knowledge are.

            Again I am happy to see you resolved your issue, good job.


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              Re: hydronic radiant heating problem

              Thx for the tips pipes! salt was also used as well. The first pic shows a white container on the right and it is 1/3 filled of salt and didn't work on the large 3/4 pipe lol

              Perhaps I didn’t pour it in the right way

              Any how thx for the tips Pipes your a master plumber!!