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    Re: Introduction to Plastic in the Profession of Plumbing

    I believe what some are missing is plumbing was both a career and a way of life to many of us. Today to some of the newer guys it is a paycheck until they find their real job. However, there are still guys out there who want to make it a career or we would not be having this discussion.

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      Re: Introduction to Plastic in the Profession of Plumbing

      Agree with the basic sentiment. Like the feel of something quality, where you can see and feel the care that went into producing it. Where it is worth maintaining and repairing. I camera a lot of 4" service lines. The older clay tile set by guys with a 4' level, while usually full of roots by now, is still dead on grade when I see it. No low spots, funky joints or bends, just nice and straight downhill all the way. The SDR 35 from 30 years later I find sunk, separated, egged, crushed, cracked and split. Those guys with the clay put too much time into that trench to do a shoddy job grading, compacting or backfilling.

      On the other hand, the increasing scarcity of such things is simple economics. Yes, your trucks from the 50's still run... but I junked my last van when the trans went out as the new one pays for itself in 4 years from gas savings alone, forget the cost of the trans. I sold a perfectly good car when my girlfriend's kid needs one as she demands it have airbags. Why build a computer to last 50 years? It's obsolete in 3. Affects buildings less but still some relevance... I've seen a lot of teardowns and remodels, often on things that aren't that old. I think the obsolescence factor is such that if you see something made with care and forethought and beauty and seviceability, rather than cheap flashy nowness, it is a labor of love and a matter of principal on somebody's part, and they probably lost money on it. And I think the world is a richer place for them having done so, and applaud.
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