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basboard furnace valves?

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  • basboard furnace valves?

    I have baseboard heating that tends to gurgle when I start it up...Its in a house that I just bought. It was built in 74. I would guess the house originally had forced air but was converted somtime later. Im also guessing that it never saw any maintinance of any kind...a few questions on that...Should I be adding any ind of a supplement (glycole etc)? Is there a way to flush the system and bleed it as well? I believe I may have some air in the system because it tends to gurgle when I start it up...

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    Re: basboard furnace valves?

    No to the glycol

    Air is the enemy in hydronic heat. Find a way to get it out.

    Each section of baseboard will likely have a bleeder at one of the ends.

    A smart installer would have added some purge valves near the boiler