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  • anyone for chat?

    like now?


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    Re: anyone for chat?

    If by "chat" you mean answering a bunch of extremely boring questions about getting thru the code & inspection process than yeah.
    Right now I am wondering how to rig up a 5PSI pressure test on my DWV system. I can't seem to even find a pressure gauge online to buy that makes sense to me.
    I have a good bike pump with a gauge that works great for inflating "test balloons" but I don't understand how I use it or an air compressor with any of the gauges I see.
    One article I found shows a combination test plugs W/Gauge but I havn't been able to find one by web searching.

    I did a successfull 28' Head water test but I'm afraid to leave it long enough because one of the 1-1/2" plugs was working it's way loose getting ready to spill tons of water all over which would be no big deal in summer but would cause a freezing mess rite now.

    Any ideas? Thanks.


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      Re: anyone for chat?

      What you consider extremly boring questions, many of us consider our livelyhood. Post a new thread to your question and you will get better responses.
      Buy cheap, buy twice.