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brass pipe/teflon tape/cpvc fitting

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  • brass pipe/teflon tape/cpvc fitting

    i am completing my shower are transition through a wall
    i do not have any way of securing the cpvc female connection behind the wall so i am trying to "tighten" up the "shower arm" fixture w/ a 1/2"x1.5" brass pipe screwed through the hole and tightening it down w/ a 1/2 brass hex nipple and a 3/4" brass washer to tighten(snug) it up against the wall. And then screwing in the real shower arm into this brass nipple.

    Would the teflon tape be better w/ the brass piping or should I use the white pipe joint compound?

    When I put it together w/ the teflon tape I had a very small pinhole leak on the nipple side? I was bummed but it seems I read that the joint compound works better.

    Does it?

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    Re: brass pipe/teflon tape/cpvc fitting


    after searching thru the threads I found all sorts of suggestions

    i first just used teflon tape and still got the pinhole leak in the brass on brass fitting, i assume it was b/c i probably could not tighten it more the other end of the brass was thru the wall and into a female 1/2" cpvc fitting that end of the brass pipe was w/ teflon tape also

    after reading your past suggestions i went and got the rectorseal slow cure thread paste and have gunked all the threads w/ this rectorseal

    so the package says it is a "slow cure" so I will not let water pressure on it until thurs noon

    is this the best way to follow procedures?

    i used no teflon tape and some of you suggested using both paste and tape, is that necessary?



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      Re: brass pipe/teflon tape/cpvc fitting

      Too much tape and you can easily crack the CPVC. I suspect that this has already happened. Leaking shower arm with so little back pressure tells me something is wrong. You should be able to tighten up a shower arm by hand and not have it leak. An internal pipe wrench works good in this situation. No need to wait for dope to cure. It won't harden for months.


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        Re: brass pipe/teflon tape/cpvc fitting

        thank you

        too much tape? i never have thought a crack would happen. Thanks for pointing that out. I did just wrap it maybe 2 times at the most.

        Also thanks for letting me know the real cure time of the dope.

        The leak occurred when I put a plug in the nipple to block the flow to test for a leak before I screwed in the shower arm.

        I had to pay(~$2500) to replace a tiled shower stall last year. When we were ripping out the old tile we found the leak where the old corroded shower arm was screwed into the brass female shower fitting. Although it was wise to replace the whole stall I think we could have just replaced the shower arm($5 vs $2500) and fixed the water leak we found under the house we "thought" was coming from the "shower pan" but was running down the back shower wall and into the crawl space. But we do now have an up to date newly tiled shower

        That's the reason for the "pressure test."

        I am going to install the shower head in the am. But before I do I'm going to carve out the dope that squeezed into the pipe so it will not clog up the shower nozzels.

        What is an "internal pipe wrench?"