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  • Disposal System

    I'm ready to venture forth and install a new sink garbage disposal, but I need some help before I buy one

    please, would someone comment on the HP difference between 1/2 v. 3/4 v. 1 - there's a large difference in price, but the most expensive isn't always the best, no?

    and would someone please tell me what continuous-feed is?

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Disposal System

    truthfully, the h.p. rating is not as important as it sounds like.

    i take it this is going into a private home

    unless you're going to grind up bones all day (not recommended) i would look for stainless steel grind chamber and some sound insulation.

    remember a garbage disposal is not a garbage can.

    it's not the disposal that plugs up, it's the piping downstream.

    the continuous feed allows you to add food as it's running. the batch feed requires the stopper to be engaged into the opening.

    nobody like the batch feed

    most prefer the insinkerator line also an emerson electric company

    h.p. has gone up over the years. 1/2 is plenty, but the higher end features come with the higher 3/4 and 1 h.p. machines.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Disposal System

      thanks Rick - exactly the advice I needed for my home installation - very much appreciated and I'll look for the insinkerator - Cheers!


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        Re: Disposal System

        I have a 1/2 horse insinkerator and it is more than enough for anything I have put down there. (PS... I didnt get it for free. bought it full price at depot)



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          Re: Disposal System

          I agree with Rick. I.S.E. makes a good model 77. 3/4 hp and stainless chamber and cutters. They have changed the way the outlet connects (which I don't think is a such good thing). 1 hp would be overkill.



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            Re: Disposal System

            If you can find any old stock in new condition the Insinkerator 333SS and 555SS were very good. Looking at their web site the Badger 5XP looks OK for most home users. If you really need a workhorse rather than a fancy home owner model I would look into a light commercial. ISE does make some real work horse models. I wish that Waste King was what they were but things change.


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              Re: Disposal System

              I've installed a bunch of ISE Evolution Essentials which I thought were pretty quiet compared to the older models (PRO SS, PRO 777 SS).

              But after I installed an ISE Evolution Excel <--Click
              It has got to be the quietest disposer I have ever heard.

              While the Delta faucet was running, I couldn't even hear the disposer while it was switched on, I had to push aside the rubber baffle to peek inside to see if it was running.
              It could also be probably due to the sink being a built in Corian type.
              Although, I have installed the Essential model on a Corian sink and it did seem louder than the Excel.

              Yes, the design for the connection to the disposer arm was changed. It no longer bolts on, but clamps on with a spring loaded clamp. This design really cuts down on the transfer of vibration to the drain pipes.

              I don't think this rubber boot design with the spring clamp will last long though, the boot is too thin in my opinion.



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                Re: Disposal System

                I recently put a insinkerator Eveloution Pro Excel in my home. The water running makes more noise than it does. Its not cheap, but its the quietest I have seen.