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What's this wrench for?

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    Re: What's this wrench for?

    Originally posted by gear junkie View Post
    I should have clarified my first post. I understand how it works, I want to know the purpose. I'm thinking it's for waterwell drilling to break bits off the steel. Maybe a specialized pipe fitting application? Have you bought it yet Rick?
    I think the wrench is for giving you more leverage in tight places where you can't "lean" on your wrench because you're on your back or stomach. Tight crawl spaces or tight attics. The vise and chain are meant to just hold the wrench in place, I would guess for covenience an in some cases— safety. The compounded leverage of the wrench is developed on the multiple fulcrums (pivot points) which gives the user more "mechanical advantage." It can also be a powerful back-up wrench for holding a cut pipe to be threaded in place. Ahhhhh... the good ole' days.

    That's my best guess. Wish I had had one for those belly-crawls I used to do or threading those bigger gas lines in ceilings. I wouldn't have used it often, but I would have used it for those tough spots. For sure, it's for repair or remodel work.
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      Re: What's this wrench for?

      looks like a pipe wrench and chain wrench all rolled into one..