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  • drain cry

    can anyone tell me if there is a 3" cutter for a cloged 3" floor drain Hahaahahahahahaha, I was told by----------------my pipes are to old thats all I here ever since I moved done here from up north, does everything flow diffrently here or am I being flushed?? the building is only 26 years young,is there a magical tool out their I need, please let me know

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    Re: drain cry

    getting a full 2 blade 3'' cutter through a 3'' drain and trap is very difficult. a single blade is much easier.

    what material is the piping? plastic or cast?

    how far down is the issue?

    a good 2.5'' cutter will clean the line, but built up cast iron deposits are still hard to scrape clean. jetting will wash the pipe throughly, but built up rust deposits are still hard to clean.

    at 26 years old, i doubt there is too much wrong with your pipes.

    a good snaking with the proper cable and cutters is all you need. sometimes a clean out is better than the drain opening. no trap. sometimes a vent pipe, but that's probably a 2'' vent.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: drain cry

      Take the cover off your floor drain and see if it has a cleanout built in. This will allow you bypass the p-trap.
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        Re: drain cry

        Being a floor drain it's a good bet the clog is sand/dirt.
        Any chance it dumps into a debris pit?
        If it does I think you'd be better off jetting (or even snaking) from that end and going up the drain.
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