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PF/2 toilet won't stop running

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  • PF/2 toilet won't stop running

    It's been out of warranty one year. It's one of those air assist type of toilets made by Eljier. It flushes fine, but I need to turn off the water supply valve after each use. What a pain. It seemed to slow down some when I put some downward pressure on the two chambers, so I changed the seal between the tank and the seat. That did not help. I'm not familiar enough with this kind of toilet to know how it shuts off the water supply automatically. I've called the customer service dept. who is more than happy to sell me a new one. If anyone has any ideas i would sure appreciate it.

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    Re: PF/2 toilet won't stop running

    i am not familiar with the eljer pressure assist toilets.

    i am very familiar with the sloan pressure assist tanks. if it's similar to the slaon design, a new flush cartridge is all that is needed. sometimes also a slight adjustment will do the trick, but typically this is only needed on installation.

    post a photo or a link to your eljer toilet.


    ps. my 2 american standard with the sloan pressure assist tank, center of lid flush are 15 years old and i have never needed to repair or plunge my toilets.
    phoebe it is


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      Re: PF/2 toilet won't stop running

      Thanks for your quick reply Rick, Here are some pics of my crappy crapper. well Doctor, give it to me streight. Should I put her down? or just ?? buy a new flush cartridge? Thanks again,

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        Re: PF/2 toilet won't stop running

        Since you are a contractor,
        i suggest that you get 2 anchor bolts screwed into floor one on each toilet, take appox. 5 feet of good nylon rope and loop over toilet and tie tight to floor
        so toilet does'nt run away with someone on it ! !

        ha. ha.
        really though google pf-2 and you can find a link to get repair kit for your eljar toilet or call a good plumber ? or google flushmate to get information,

        SINCE JAN. 1989


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          Re: PF/2 toilet won't stop running

          I had a similar issue recently and found that by disassembling the large plunger (located in the chamber in the middle of the unit below the hex-bolted lid), fixed it.

          The large plunger is actually comprised of six parts. 1. Plunger cup 2. Large rubber gasket 3. Plunger shaft 4. Small rubber gasket 5. Small rubber plug 6. Spring

          The small rubber plug and spring are located in between the plunger cup and shaft. By unscrewing the shaft from the cup, the rubber plug and spring are accessible. If the small rubber plug is not centered in the small opening at the base of the plunger cup when the shaft is joined with it, water constantly leaks around the plug, drains down into the tank and trickles into the bowl.

          So, your goal is to center the small rubber plug in the opening, under the tension of the spring, and screw the shaft into the plunger cup. That should do the trick.

          BTW, when you disassemble the cup and shaft, clean the small rubber plug so that more leaks don't develop.


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            Re: PF/2 toilet won't stop running

            when customers called and said their toilet will not stop running, my dad always told them to break it's legs.

            Eljer toilets suck. You're gonna fix it and then do it all over again in a years or so. Send it out the window and get a Toto.


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              Re: PF/2 toilet won't stop running

              The company who produced the PF/2 is out of business. It is virtually impossible to find any parts anywhere. But Sloan has produced a retrofit kit which will replace the entire PF/2. It includes the tank, handle, linkages, etc. Google flushmate and you will find the links on where to buy that.
              Now going forward, any needed repairs are straight forward, with the proven reliability and parts availability of the Sloan.