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Is using RID-X worth the money?

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  • Is using RID-X worth the money?

    I just moved to a place in the sticks and have a 1500 gal. septic tank. I have been putting RID-X down the drain every month to keep it working right. But I have heard that MANY plumbers think it's a waste of money or that you only have to do it maybe once a year.
    I don't know who is right, the plumbers or the RID-X company.

    Any opinions?


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    Re: Is using RID-X worth the money?

    RIDX makes money off of each box you buy--plumbers don't make anything either way. Who do you think is giving you the best information?


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      Re: Is using RID-X worth the money?

      I've been on septic for most my life and have never used rid-x and I absolutely refuse to give up good quality TP for "septic safe" TP. I just won't do it no ifs ands or (no pun intended) butts.
      I say don't waste your money on rid-x just have your tank pumped at least every 2 yrs. You can get away with longer but at around $160 a pumping it's worth the over kill to have it done even yearly VS the cost of a new leach field.
      Don't pour grease down the drain or a ton of anti-bacterial stuff (bleach etc...) and you should be fine.
      Please keep in mind these are my opinions and are in no way based on fact but through real world observations I have noticed no differences between systems treated with rid-x then those that have not.

      By the way, How much $$ is a box of rid-x?
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        Re: Is using RID-X worth the money?

        The last time I had my septic system pumped, the septic guy asked me if I knew about Rid-X and I told him (after my gag reflex calmed down - we were standing near the open tank....) that I did. He then told me to flush a packet of dry activated yeast down the toilet once per month. The yeast is the same stuff as the Rid-X and it is MUCH cheaper. I bought a 2-pound bag of it at Sams Club for a couple of bucks.

        If you have a septic system, never use a garbage disposer unless you have to - always scrape the excess food off into the trash and only use the disposer to get rid of the residue that goes down the drain. Also, per an earlier post, don't put grease down the drains. Depending on how much laundry you do and how many people are living in the house will dictate the interval between septic tank pumpings.


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          Re: Is using RID-X worth the money?

          I have a customer in palos verdes on a septic tank, he needs a new leech field, he is pumping it every 1.5 - 2 months, poor guy, has a house full of women that love to shower!

          no disposal, no food waste, tank safe toilet paper and no grease or chemicals, only put things down there that promote growth like yeast.

          enjoy the rise!!



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            Re: Is using RID-X worth the money?

            May I suggest that you install an effluent filter in the outlet sanitary tee this will help keep all suspended solids 1/16" an large in the tank where they belong. Do not wash and/or pour latex paint into the system. Clean brushes outside. If it is not human do not flush it. People get into troulbe when they use the septic system as a trash tank. As for RID X forget it, ther is plenty of good bacteria deposited into the tank on a daily basis.