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unfathomable sediment in hot water line

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  • unfathomable sediment in hot water line

    Any ideas on why the hot water line on a new faucet keeps clogging up? The line has already been flushed (a week after installation) and the hot water heater is less than three months old. The old faucet worked fine with the new water heater - no clogging.

    If I drain the hot water heater and flush the line again, is the problem likely to repeat itself?

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    Re: unfathomable sediment in hot water line

    Could be You have old Galve. pipes. Many times when service is shut off and on Rust particles are broken loose. Another answer might be old W.h. had a disolved dip tube ,that has loaded Your pipes up. Is the debris white particles?
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      Re: unfathomable sediment in hot water line

      Is it the faucet aerator in the end of the faucet arm that's plugging up? If it's the aerator that clogs up, it happens to many people lots of the time. Remove and clean it, but before putting it back on, blast the hot and cold water fully open for a few minutes to blast minerals and dirt out of your pipes. If it keeps on being a problem, a whole house water filter may help.

      As for the water heater, set it to PILOT if gas fired or shut off the power if electric. Then give it a really good flushing out, but if you can try to catch the first drain water in a clean pail so you can see what came out.

      Is your water source a well by any chance?

      Picture below is of a faucet aerator apart. The white disc is a flow restrictor and the tiny holes in them tend to plug up. You might just leave that out and then put it back together. The screens tend to clog too. A little reverse flush or a gentle blast of compressed air cleans them quick.

      I know I'll get growled at, but at "The Woussko Hut" we just install the sleeve to direct the water flow into the sink and leave the inside parts out of them. This gives us good flow and it can't clog up anymore.
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        Re: unfathomable sediment in hot water line

        Thanks for both responses. The aerator was a bit clogged -- black debris -- but even with the aerator off, the hot water flow is a trickle. What puzzles me is why junk from the old hot water heater would still be around after replacing it and flushing the lines.

        Is it possible that the new faucet's lines have a more narrow diameter? The old faucet seemed able to handle whatever came its way.