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Basement layout & venting

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    Re: Basement layout & venting

    Originally posted by NHMaster3015 View Post
    Gear Junkie, our opinions aside, if the freekin Pope put his name on it the code still would'nt approve of it's use. This thread is truely frustrating. Requardless of any of our opininions here the codes are very very specific. Can any one of us take the liability of deciding what parts of the code we want to adhere to and what parts we don't. And what it all comes down to is liability. If god forbid, something goes wrong and the lawyers are called in and we have done something not to code, how do you think the judge will rule? The code book is our bible, it guarrantees that if we do the work as specified we cannot be held liable. Just because an inspector overlooks or decides to pass sub code work does not make it right and it will not hold up in a court of law.
    What if a jurisdiction(not a sole inspector) accepts them in written format filed in their office.Just as was done in a particular case with the air admittance valves before they were approved UPC.

    I'm looking at my 2007 now.

    I appreciate your interest in helping us protect ourselves and those we serve

    ToUtahNow Mark is forever trying to get me to get my head out of the sand and ever so deeper into our code.

    Just don't tell me my stuffs going to leak.
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      Re: Basement layout & venting

      Yes absolutly the State Plumbing Board has the authority to make code ammendments. However local inspectors may not make ammendments to the code unless the change has been approved by the local planning or building department and the change cannot be less strict than the state code.