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Water Softener Flow Reduced

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  • Water Softener Flow Reduced

    I have a 24 year old water softener. Mechanically it operates fine. Regenerates on schedule and the water is noticeably soft. The problem is that I have no water pressure in the house. After flushing the toilet the sink has minimal pressure. Washing clothes and taking a shower could not happen.

    I called a local manufacture and posed this problem. They indicated that the pellets were shot and the water softener should be replaced. Of course they sell them and want me to buy a new one. I did turn the bypass valves bypassing the softener and the water pressure to the house increased significantly. So I know the flow thru the softener is the problem.

    My question is: Is there a way to fix this problem without buying a new softener. I have heard there is a way to "clean" the pellets so that they are no longer gummed up. Or is it time to get a new softener??

    Thank you in advance for any help you provide.

    K. Baumgart

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    Re: Water Softener Flow Reduced

    Welcome to the forum.

    Good job thinking ahead, and already checking the pressure by, by-passing the water treatment system!

    With a system that's older than me, , it's a good idea to go ahead and look into a newer system.

    Being 24 years old, it's not effective as some of the newer systems out on the market now.
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      Re: Water Softener Flow Reduced

      It's not pellets, it's resin beads. And yes, they could be clogged. If the softener is otherwise in good shape, they can be replaced. They aren't cheap. Usually, the softener itself is in bad shape from corrosion, and any electronics or clock are about to fail. So, yes, it's probably a good idea to consider a new one.


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        Re: Water Softener Flow Reduced

        Changing the beads is one huge pain in the you know what. When you empty and flush the tank you are going to find a bizzillion tiney beads that you need to first capture and then dispose of. The tank needs to be rinsed out (crap more beads) and finally you can replace the bed. Then the tank needs to be water filled and settled (the beads tend to float) before it can be put back into service. If you screw up, when you open a faucet you will get a sink load of beads. This is really a task for a professional. Personally if it was my unit and it was that old I'd replace it with a new unit. Some of the new units use 1/3 the salt the older units do. Regeneration and backwash are based on gallons of water used instead of a timer.


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          Re: Water Softener Flow Reduced

          I agree w/ NHMaster. Also if you're posting about it here it is NOT "Mechanically operating fine." 24 years on anything used daily is a good run. Time to replace.


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            Re: Water Softener Flow Reduced

            You've been given good advice, time for replacement. It might seem soft but if you were to test the water I'm positve you would not be getting fully soft water. Go online and get yourself a Fleck 5600 metered valve 24 volt, great unit.