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PVC Heat tape

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  • PVC Heat tape

    Are there any manufactures of heat tape made specifically for SCH40 pvc?
    I have seen regular heat tape used on pvc residentally(if thats even a word) many times and I'm sure some will say it's fine but this is for a school so it needs to be per manufactures specs.

    This is on 6" shc 40 pvc roof drains. The outlet ends keep freezing and cracking the 90* Due to little to no pitch. Should have been installed using 22*
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    Re: PVC Heat tape

    we've been using frostex for years now,


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      Re: PVC Heat tape

      Originally posted by NHMaster3015 View Post
      we've been using frostex for years now,
      Raychem makes "heat-trace_ for all applications they are a part of Tyco thermal.


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        Re: PVC Heat tape

        this is what we use on 6" pvc pipe then we wrap it with 2" fiberglass insulation then a water proof pvc shell on it

        now thats not the price for people in the trades

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          Re: PVC Heat tape

          hey Gene, instead of running a heat tape, and plugging it in and all that maybe just fernco in a castiron 90(1/4 bend) and a foot or two of cast iron onto the roof drain...... make sure to do it when its warm or the mj band may leak cause its cold but that may solve your case of the "cracking 90*"
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