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N Gas clothes dryers install??

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  • N Gas clothes dryers install??

    Tried to get an answer at Lowe's. I have never had one of these. Can't figure out if the 4" air discharge will be in same place or not no matter what brand? OR do I have to buy one first before trying to rough in Gas Valve and 4" Vent?
    They guy said 4" vnet would be in center of machine. I am scepticle.
    I like the idea of the "Dryer Box" that insets into the wall framing. Anyone actually installed one of those?
    I will be doing a downflow into crawlspace and then about 20' of rigid metal duct to get outside of house wall.
    Supposedly the absolute largest size dryer is about 7.3 Cubic Feet. A larger size doesn't change anything about installation does it?

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    Re: N Gas clothes dryers install??

    maybe you should post this under the HVAC discussion forum as they are the ones who run the dryer vents. As for the gas line put it in a corner with a gas shut off valve and hook the dryer up with a flex connector.
    SIMCA 1000
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      Re: N Gas clothes dryers install??

      Originally posted by 'Stormin View Post
      I don't quite get your point? I've been drinking the water for months now and tastes good.
      Is your concern backflow into city sytem? During the coarse of my remodel the Fire F wanted sprinklers and the W. Dept. was adamant about seperate dedicated $5,000 meter with backflow built in.
      Somehow by this time I have a brand new $3,000 meter for drinking water and no backflow required. Why - I have no idea.
      I also have no Idea how sprinkler thing got dropped by wayside.
      Anyway - If you want to go ahead with all city requirements w/o question by all means waste your extra $20,000!
      I could tear out and re-do my plumbing 3 times and it wouldn't cost what a "Pro" would. And actually - I did hire part of my DWV system because I was unsure about passing code on some venting. Total PC of crap job but it passed partly because guy too lasy to go down in crawlspace (thank god) to inspect anything. Waste of $1,000 thought.
      Should I have left my 50 year old galv. pipe in place and kept drinking god knows what out of that?
      All I've learned is that following the rules costs a lot and has absolutley nothing to do with safety. Its all revenue generation for municipality with a tiny bit of inspection thrown in to make it look like they did something.
      Originally posted by 'Stormin View Post
      C' Days - I think you miss-understood. I did (do) have a permit and I passed with NO errors, failures, call backs whatever.
      It's pretty easy to run a 1" Pex line from a new water meter and branch off to a few things such as water heater and what not. Man - It must be easy if I pulled it off!
      Sorry if new materials cutting into business or whatever your concern. I'm just not into pissing away money to city. Latest thing I got from them is he's trying to say my Manufactured Truss system is missing some bracing! I was S.'ing bricks thinking I'd done it wrong. I hadn't. Their engineer had to call and straighten him out. What was that all about - showingme who's boss and nothing else. Have a good one!
      Originally posted by 'Stormin View Post
      Can only go by my personal experience. I seriously doubt that the system in place provides results worth the cost in other areas. I can say for a fact NO One in my neighborhood is safer from, Fire, Unsanitary Plumbing, Air polution or any other Gvnmt. Regulated "thing". There is no way I could have known this w/o going thru the process and seeing it 1st hand.
      Best of luck. Hope you find someone that cares.
      Buy cheap, buy twice.