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Bathtub fixture connection

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  • Bathtub fixture connection

    I have one of the combined hot/cold turn nob bathtub fixtures I am installing. The inputs to the fixture are 1/2" female inside the fixuture.

    I have a pex hot and pex cold line coming in, each with a MALE adapter and shutoff. I cannot turn the adapter though, a female end must screw onto it.

    I need to connect the pex to the bathtub fixture, what is the best and smartest way to do?

    I thought about buying those standard 1/2" sink type connectors that have metal mesh as an outer cover. One that has female screw on one end so I can screw onto the pex and then the other end is male that I would screw in first to the bathtub fixture's female port. Would this product reduce water flow too much, or need to be replaced too soon to be effective? Will the threads match up?

    Copper is out of question, I am not skilled.

    I can do CPVC as well.

    I have crimper for Pex

    I also have access to 'shark bite' connectors if they might make some sense.

    Thanks again, know this is pretty basic question, but you guys are best at this stuff from other boards I have been on.


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    Re: Bathtub fixture connection

    I don't work with pex.

    Looks like it's kindof quiet this morning with the guys that do.Either that or they are worried about giving advise and someone getting themselves in a bind.


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      Re: Bathtub fixture connection

      I do not know if I am understanding you correctly. This is what I would use if connecting pex right to the valve. Post some pictures if you are able. Here is a picture from on line, just make sure you secure the valve good. If you are not going to solder in the line to shower head or tub spout you will have to use drop ear fittings. Again you will need to screw them down securely.
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        Re: Bathtub fixture connection

        You can also get both male and female swett x pex adaptors.


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          Re: Bathtub fixture connection

          You can hire a Plumber to come over and hook it up for you!
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            Re: Bathtub fixture connection

            Originally posted by JCsPlumbing
            This question seems so easy that we the plumbers don't understand it. Buy two 1/2" female pex adapters, two 1/2" pex male adapters, two 1/2" 90's, and two 1/2" couplings just in case. Thread the female adapters on your supply pipe. Thread the male adapters into your valve. Then just pipe to it. Might need the 90's and/or couplings, might not. Use teflon tape and pipe dope on all threads. Have trouble, call plumber. We like to buy all the things you like also.
            Oh,now I see.He is finishing the rough in.I thought he was doing a repair.

            Wonder where the plumber went