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    Re: Pex Re-pipe


    Your mention of doing research before making a decision brings up an old memory that still stays with me. I was brand new in the industry when an old technical guy responded to my question to him, with this. "R.T.F.B." I had to ask him to explain. To this day, I employ his quote. It works. Knowledge is strength.


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      Re: Pex Re-pipe

      Originally posted by NHMaster3015 View Post
      Dunbar, did you have a tragic childhood accident involving the plastic monster

      Uh, yep, just tonight!


      The trauma was horrible! $350+ for 1.5 hours work, I couldn't handle it! It was too much!

      Here's the scenario, it was bound to happen:

      Sump pump 4 years old, runs a lot given the flat back yard. We're getting almost 6" of rain in the past 3 days.

      The thinnest part of the 1.5" MIP snapped clear off BLASTING water straight up into the air in a fan motion covering the unfinished ceiling and all over the basement walls in the corner. There was a floor drain but it was 20' away, serving no purpose. Ouchie

      Another older couple, the daughter showed up right as the father was writing the check, I got the hell out of there and quick! I swear I feel like I was on rescue 911 with William Shatner's pay. YES!

      Vibration plus thin plastic plus years gettin' hard equals one happy plumber when the phone rings.

      That house water filter didn't freeze; it happened in august. It snapped due to stress and pressure, a common equation when it snaps crackles and pops.

      Living to my promise to provide as much proof that it's almost an everyday ordeal with what I have my hands on.

      (goes to sleep with check on pillow)
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        Re: Pex Re-pipe

        Originally posted by TOPDAWG View Post
        flowguardflex is not pex pipe, it is cpvc. it has a aluminum layer added to make it bendable and more suitable for underground installation.
        Actually it is FlowGards PEX product line.

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          Re: Pex Re-pipe

          I just spoke with my sister and she just had her re-piping of the house completed. She was extremely happy with the work and is amazed at the increased presssure she has. They used Wirsbo and gave her lifetime warranty on the system. The house has one bathroom and had old lead traps and pipes for the toilet and bathtub. She went ahead and had the company tear this out and put in new pipes and got herself a new Toto toilet.

          She asked that I pass on her thanks for everyone's help and comments.


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            Re: Pex Re-pipe

            Does your sister notice a waxy odor after taste when drinking cold water from the tap?
            I also just re-plumbed our home with wirsbo/pex.

            You can visit my posts on this site for details.

            Cactus Man