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Honeywell L8148

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  • Honeywell L8148

    Hi, I have a Honeywell L8148 aquastat mounted on a Buderus boiler, I am trying to remove the cap tube from the well to install another sensor from a Taco PC700. in the well next to it but can't seem to be able to pull it out. Any ideas?
    Thanks Churchi

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    Re: Honeywell L8148

    Is the mounting screw on the bottom of the Honeywell all the way open?

    Or is the cap tube stuck inside the well?

    I've only had that happen to me 2 times. For some reason they sieze up inside the well. Had to drain the boiler to replace the well and limit after I broke the capillary tube.


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      Re: Honeywell L8148

      Yep, the old frozen cap tube in the well routine. Happens when the dolt that put her in there in the first place, threw away the little packet of slippery silver stuff that 1 helps heat transfer and 2 lubricates the well. Try spraying PB Blaster in there and wait a day or so. Even then it may not work, so make sure you buy another 8148 before you start the project.