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Removing Shower Diverter Seat

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  • Removing Shower Diverter Seat

    I attempted to remove a square drive diverter seat with a stepped
    seat removal tool and the end broke off inside the seat.

    I thought I had inserted it up to the correct size (one size too small) and twisted it off.

    The end of the removal tool is stuck inside the seat.

    Any ideas on how to remove? I tried drilling but the metal appears
    to hard. Maybe a special drill bit?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Removing Shower Diverter Seat

    hate to say the damage is defiantly done now, if you have access to from behind or can make access to get to the valve body cut it out bury it and dont look back and install a new one, but really maybe time to throw in the towel and hire a pro. good luck


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      Re: Removing Shower Diverter Seat

      Call the Govt.,they fix it all!
      I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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        Re: Removing Shower Diverter Seat

        Sounds like a Symmons seat tool...solid steel if thats the case and I couldn't begin to imagine putting that much torque without having to worry about wrecking the valve itself...those seats are often difficult on the older valves.
        A lil' PB blaster when it first seemed stuck might have saved the day.
        If I were to walk into this job, I'd just say it was time for a new valve...end of story, too much trouble to try to undo the mangled seat & tool in hopes the valve body is still useable.

        I've had the seats strip when attempting to remove, in that case you might be able to clean the seat & keep fingers crossed the valve won't drip once reassembled, but the fact that a tool this solid is broken off inside can't be good.

        Mindful, this all assumes it is a Symmons.


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          Re: Removing Shower Diverter Seat

          I have the symmons seat wrench, it sells for like $18.00 at a supply house, and not a home depot or lowes.

          I have had seats strip out on me before, and when this happens, I have been able to torque the seat wrench to one side and first, say a little prayer, then carefully put force on it and turn.



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            Re: Removing Shower Diverter Seat

            I would take my torch and heat it for a minute (with a small tip). One metal or the other is going to do something.
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