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Customer Appreciation Thread.

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  • Customer Appreciation Thread.

    Ok, Dunbar's "gripe" thread is awesome, but to be balanced lets start a positive thread about good customers.

    I'll go first. I love it when customer's say, "thank you" and I have even had some customers write a check for more than I asked!
    I always say, "Thats really not necessary", but they always insist that they want to do it! I just say, "Wow, that is really nice of you, thank you so much for your kindness.

    Also I love when customer's say, "we really appreciate your service, and we will recommend you to all our friends."

    Some of my customer's are just wonderful, generous people and I love to go above and beyond their expectations as much as I can.
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    Re: Customer Appreciation Thread.

    Great thread.

    sadly, we tend to focus on the bad customers and the great customers tend to fall back second in our heads.

    I have been blessed with great customers. I always have a hard time accepting a tip, but they do not take no for an answer.

    I love when they offer me a water or soda, I do not accept because to me I that would not be professional, plus I carry water int he van.

    I appreciate the feedback they leave on my web site, or the response to my thank you cards I send out.

    I appreciate the thanks I get for the repairs I made and the response I get on follow up calls or the repeat / referalls I get.

    I most of all appreciate the fact that they appreciate the clean work and notice the fact that I respect their property and the plumbing trade greately



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      Re: Customer Appreciation Thread.

      my favorite is a customer that was ignored by the competition. i go out, machette thru the bush to get to her C/O and run over 100' to clear the blockage. everytime i see her, she gives me a hug and wants more cards. she also has given me fresh Johnny Cakes and has invited me to her house for a family gathering. she reinforces my belief in humans.

      the really crappy part is that she was desperate because the other guy wouldn't get to the back of her house and said he's send somebody, which he never did.

      this nice older west indian lady has become a friend and my best referal.

      there are others that are almost as cool, story wise, but Ms. Alice is someone i'll go back for free. she's such a deserving human.

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        Re: Customer Appreciation Thread.

        I love it when to customer gives me a tip....

        But seriously if you provide a good service at a fair price your customers will always be grateful .... always thank them.... and if they offer you a tip... take it.
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          Re: Customer Appreciation Thread.

          well i do commercial work but we to like the thank yous
          we do a lot of churches and they are the best because the one im on now makes lunch 1 a month and when people from the church walk around they say thanks for a good job

          i have a couple of old men stop in the boiler room 2 times a week and say they like the way my work looks ,nice and straight. i tell them this is my first time doing this and they say noooooo it is not

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            Re: Customer Appreciation Thread.

            The other plumbers that trust me to take care of there valued customers, I'm most appreciative for. The guy that offers to grab an end of the sewer machine. The people that were fun to be around and at the end when I start to clean up say oh heck we will take care of that. The ones that don't have a care about price when they call me out at night. They are willing to pay for the service and the ones that can't afford me at night, but know 1 night without water isn't an Emergency and are glad to have me come out in the morning. The ones that buy there own faucets but say you told me to stick with delta or moen and they do. The ones that laugh over the phone. Pretty much all customers that aren't a pain in the neck. Most aren't.


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              Re: Customer Appreciation Thread.

              so easy to forget the good it seems like all you ever hear about is the bad,people have no problem complaining, its like i told this one fellow once who was screamimg about nothing i said were talking about a toilet not cancer here so let keep our eye on the ball, but your right your so waiting for the next bomb to explode, you forget all the good people that remind you why you care so much about the job we do and how important it really is. good thread!!!


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                Re: Customer Appreciation Thread.

                the best one i ever had is one lady i have done a ton of work for and have never left with out a $50 tip.

                then one friday afternoon i got a call from a lady first thing she said was i need service immediately, i informed her i was leaving for the cottage because it was my birthday but could get another guy there.

                She then said ok it's Mrs.?????? , i decided to go down to the job personally because she was such a good customer.

                I get there, quickly clear the kitchen drain. the bill came to high $100's she hands me 650 and say's make sure you enjoy your birthday. After about half an hour of arguing she forcefully made me leave with the money.

                other than that you can't beat a good referral.

                Also gotten a few bottles of scotch at the end of big custom homes


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                  Re: Customer Appreciation Thread.

                  Any customer that's appreciative of my "good work" whether in word, deed, goods, or CASH, is enjoyable to be around and will always get preferencial treatment. All the others get professionalism. The preferred ones get family-like care.
                  "Man will do many things to get himself loved, he will do all things to get himself envied." Mark Twain


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                    Re: Customer Appreciation Thread.

                    We actually have a well known Hollywood actress that you see every week on TV that likes straght,shiny copper.Whenever feasable she leaves it exposed.It's rare when we get to leave it out in the open but still it's nice when you know common folk are going to take awe in your work for years to come.

                    As an addage...
                    It also feels real good when an old school general says "It's a shame we have to cover it up"


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                      Re: Customer Appreciation Thread.

                      Occurs to me that I do tend to talk alot more about problem customers than the majority.
                      Just yesterday I called a customer back when I was getting ready to deposit checks & noticed one was $50 too much.
                      The guy told me it was intentional...we laughed over the fact that I hadn't noticed on the spot, I apologetically thanked him.


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                        Re: Customer Appreciation Thread.

                        how many of you can say that some of your best friends were actually customers first.

                        or the 10 customers that wanted to come to joey's and mine wedding. 1 was so eager they actually showed up 1 day early and thought they missed the boat

                        or the ones that feed you while your're there. even gives you cookies for the road.

                        i guess i'm lucky as my customers find me, i don't find them

                        i've seen customers kids go from diapers to medical school.

                        i've been at this too long

                        phoebe it is


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                          Re: Customer Appreciation Thread.

                          Got some customers that talk about me like they are preachin' the gospel.

                          It's awesome and I try to give back the great consideration. I'm a hit with the old ladies solely on the trust factor. The info junkies get more than they bargain for with me because I can drumroll it like it's nobody's business.

                          Gaining so many work acquaintances and business friendships is what propelled my second business. People know when I say something, I follow through with it whether I'm leaning over, limping, dragging my body to the task. Oh look! Plumber's crack~! << I offer this daily. I even shaved the hair back there tonight for a more pleasant look! They'll love me for that!
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