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HDPE gas risers

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  • HDPE gas risers

    Does anyone know it the risers used for HDPE are approved to be buried in concrete? I dont want to bury the transition coupling or the MIP end, just the center of the riser. Thanks.

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    Re: HDPE gas risers

    it sounds like the same installation as we use when we come up through the ground. very common when we have a run from the meter to the building or to a pool heater.

    as long as the gas line is not installed under the structure of the building. you're ok.


    you do want to wrap the penetration with foam tape to allow for expansion.
    phoebe it is


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      Re: HDPE gas risers

      Thanks Rick. I'm wanting to bury these in crete from the grade marking, on down to the end of the steel where it transitions to plastic. I just wasnt sure if the coating was approved for this. Is there a certain brand you prefer?