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    I'm finishing my basement and have a couple questions. The rough-in has 2" pipe for tub and lavatory, and 3" for toilet. There is a vent available (2") to tie these fixtures into. However the lavatory rough-in is not in the location I'd prefer.

    In the attached file, I'd like to add a tee to the existing 3" PVC drain for the new lavatory location (there is a half bath on this drain also). I will add a vent to this drain, and add a vent to the rough-in location (I was told this vent is needed for the toilet and tub). I'd then like to extend the roughin (above ground) to support a 2nd drain for a laundry basin and future bar location. It's about 8 feet from roughin to the 2nd drain location. I will add a vent to this drain also.

    Where I plan to install the tee on the 3" drain, there is a cleanout. After installing the tee, should I place the cleanout above or below the tee? For the 2nd drain, should I install a cleanout at the rough-in or closer to the laundry basin location?

    Finally, aside from slope, are there any gotchas I need to be aware of (I will have it inspected)? Should I use sweeps instead of elbows...sanitary tee instead of 2" preferred over 1 1/2"...etc.


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