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SSP1000 pump turning on and off

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  • SSP1000 pump turning on and off

    HELP!! I just bought an ssp1000 pump, put it in the pit and it is completely under water, and the thing is turning on and off. We have so
    much water flowing in that even with a 1 hp it's barely keeping up. Is there something wrong with the sensor, or is this how it's supposed to work??

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    Re: SSP1000 pump turning on and off

    I bought one of these SSP1000’s last year after my basement flooded and it was not a good buy, after installation the thing ran all the time and made dreadful gurgling noises as it cleared the sump pit down to it’s intakes. I had the water sensor on the opposite side of the drain tile as well. I put up with it for about a week and then took it back to the store, they gave me a refund no problem and I now have a Zoeller model 98 in it’s place and that is a good recommendation for me to give you. The Zoeller model 53 is a good bet also but if you tend to have a lot of water coming in then the 98 would be better, possibly a 137 if you want more GPM. Also if you go on the Zoeller website you can submit questions regarding the best pump for you regarding the situation.
    The model 98 runs quietly, pumps out great and I can’t speak highly enough of it after buying certain pumps in places like Home Depot, Menards and Sears. You generally need to find a plumber’s merchant to buy those pumps.
    After having two floods in my basement in as many years and after all the research I have done I like to think I have become quite knowledgeable on the subject .
    Good luck!


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      Re: SSP1000 pump turning on and off

      Oh and I have a battery back up which would be a good idea if you have a lot of water flowing in. Also in my crawlspace I have a utility pump that will give me an extra 1800 GPH in case of the two pumps I have get overwhelmed. I have both pumps on separate 1.5 inch lines too. I bought a 5500 watt generator also as my neighborhood is the poster boy of power outtages in severe storms.