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Sizing a Grease Trap.

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  • Sizing a Grease Trap.

    Doing my first grease trap on my own. Customer renovating a pizza place on the beach. The existing trap is old and leaking. He is going to have a commercial DW, 3 compartment sinks and spray station. Flow rate on DW is 45gal/hr, sink dimentions are 3 @ 16x20x12 , 1 @ 20x20x6 . Called Zurn and they suggested interceptor 2700-50 seems awfully big for an under the sink Grease Trap with 4" in 4" out. I worked out the calculations on several different kinds of sizing charts and my numbers are coming out to be around 500 to 700 gal grease trap. So the trap Zurn gave me is looking pretty good. This a strip mall type eatery cooking pizza not a Micky D's. Any light on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Finster

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    Re: Sizing a Grease Trap.

    does your code allow a DW to be discharged through a grease trap? Mine doesn't unless specifically required by the "Authority having Juristiction".


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      Re: Sizing a Grease Trap.

      Indeed, most codes do not allow a coomercial dish washer to discharge into the grease interceptor because the discharged water is so hot that it causes the grease to flow over the trap weir.


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        Re: Sizing a Grease Trap.

        right on about the dishwasher we have to pipe those into an indirect waste unless we have a floor drain on the same branch within 5 feet of the unit, but in terms of the grease trap, sizing is easy if you have a smith or zurn book all the info is right there, or take the easy way and give them all the info they need and let them do it, then call up the locale jurisdiction and run it by whoever heads up that part of town. give them the skinny, get the ok, and put it in we all only get paid once to do it right the second time is on you.
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          Re: Sizing a Grease Trap.

          Right about the dishwasher temp water. We are required to install a "holding" valve tank thing. Obviously I don't know much about it but it holds the water until cooled to a lower temp. Seen pics of warped PVC due to high temp water from commercial dishwashers. Good luck with your install and post pics if you can.



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            Re: Sizing a Grease Trap.

            D/Ws are NOT allowed to be discharged into grease traps here.

            as far as size, most restaurants have undersized traps here. i think a 5 cubic foot trap is about average. most are not properly maintained. it's a side i'm looking into.

            i'd much rather chase turds than wallow in kitchen grease. commercial or private.

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