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trouble with water pressure

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  • trouble with water pressure

    Our house is 12 years old. We have well water. Over the past several months our water pressure has gotten worse. We have a filter that gets corroded very quickly. My husband recently replaced a toilet in our house. There was a lot of sediment stuck to the pipes that he had to scrape out. Could this be the problem? Sediment stuck in our pipes? The water pressure seems fine when you look at the tank. It the pressure coming out of the showers, sinks... sometimes the water is at a drip. Any suggestions on what our problem might be or how to fix it?

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    Re: trouble with water pressure

    What are your supply lines made of?
    You should have a pressure gage at your pressure tank; what does it read when the well pump shuts off after filling it?
    Does your pressure tank have a schraeder valve, like for filling a tire, on top of it? Does it have a plasic fitting with a hole in the middle about halfway up on one side?
    Do you have any fixtures with good flow, or is everything in the house slow?
    Is your filter for the whole house? Where in the system is the filter located?
    How long have you lived in the house? Is this a new problem? Does the problem come and go, or is it always like this? Has it been getting slowly worse for some time?
    Do your faucets and shower heads have white crusty buildup where the water comes out?
    Do your toilets have fine silt in the bottoms of the tanks? How much?

    You probably have a sediment problem, possibly have a corrosion or calcification problem, possibly a problem with the well pump, pressure switch, pressure tank, or well itself.

    Assuming sediment, replace the filter element and see if this helps. Remove the faucet aereators and shower heads and clean or replace them. Lime-away, CLR, or something similar works well for soaking the shower heads to remove calcium, see if that helps.

    If it is sediment, you will want to clean out your pressure tank and water heater tank as sediment in the bottoms of the tanks tends to rust them out quickly. You should filter the sediment out before it gets in the house plumbing. You may need to change the filter often. You may need a larger filter to avoid having to change it very often.
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      Re: trouble with water pressure

      thanks so much for your response. We are thinking that it might be a sediment problem b/c the pressure is coming into the house fine....the pressure has gotten worse over the months.....all fixtures are experiencing this problem.