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Continuous Vibration

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  • Continuous Vibration

    My water pipe vibration doesn't seem to fit any of the descriptions I have read so far. It's a noticible, but not a very loud sound.

    It starts with a short pause. Then I hear a plink-sound somewhat like two wooden dowels struck together. Then a vibration that builds in volume. Then the vibration stops suddenly with the short pause. Then the sound repeats, with a regularity of about 30 plink sounds every minute. So each repetition is about 2 seconds in length.

    The toilets don't run, and this occurs when no water is running from a faucet. When I turn off the main water valve, I notice that the vibration stops. But the plink-sound continues very softly with the same rhythm. This behavior started this winter and comes and goes. But today it's driving us crazy.

    I do have a sprinkler system which was turned off for the winter. Last spring, I did replace the backflow valve, but hadn't noticed anything like this over the summer.


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    Re: Continuous Vibration

    I'm not an expert but, it sounds to me like it's in your heating system.
    My mom has Pex running to her registers. In one spot where the pex goes through the floor the hole was not drilled big enough and the constant expanding and contracting of the pipe makes a noise like a wood pecker. It drives me nuts.
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      Re: Continuous Vibration

      I've encountered something similar with a water meter that would "plink-plink" after water was ran. Shut the water off, pressure rebalances, and "plink-plink". Have someone run water while you watch the meter. Then have them turn the water off. If you notice the meter moving with short motions (kind of a click) then this could be it.

      You could ask the city to check the meter.

      Get a plumber to put in a thermal expansion tank if you don't have one.

      If you are on a private well system, then I'm completely wrong.

      Good Luck!



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        Re: Continuous Vibration

        ran into something like that down here several times and it turned out to be those small dual checks the city puts on the meters. checks got old and started to create a slight flow restriction, just like when we were kids holding a blade of grass between our two thumbs and blowing thru it would make a similar noise. anyway we took the checks out to confirm that noise was emanating from that found it was replaced the valve and problem solved. it was on the cusomer because the check even though it was once supplied by the city it was on there side of the meter, so just a long thought for you.


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          Re: Continuous Vibration

          Seen this once before! are You over an old indian burial ground?

          Gotta go the helicopters have found Me again!
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