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house re-plumb with wirsbo/pex info please

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    Re: house re-plumb with wirsbo/pex info please

    $5000 for starters sounds about right for here too.
    That's for copper pipes and fittings though.

    Excluding patching of walls, ceilings, floors, etc.
    Also excludes the main supply line from the street to the house.



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      Re: house re-plumb with wirsbo/pex info please

      thank you Plumber Rick,

      I am aware of the hot water waiting period..I do have one of those recirculating pumps at the kitchen sink..furthest from the hot water heater.

      I looked at the "inside" diameter of 3/4" pex and 1/2" pex and wow! they are small.
      I thought the 3/4" and 1/2" figures were inside diameter but to me the 1/2" looks almost like an inside diameter of 3/8" or maybe 7/16"

      anyway The plumber doing the work will review my concerns and a decision will be made.

      The plan will also utilize copper stub-outs I think. If we do go with a manifold system, then all the shut-off valves will be at one place. Again this detail will be reviewed in specifics when he shows up with the estimate/contract.

      Our existing faucets are all relatively new [ less than 8 years old] so they may not require any replacement. The bath tub fixture though is likely original to the house and will be replaced. I will also raise the shower head to 7' [I'm 6'4"]

      I'll report back to this group to share my information so others may learn.

      Cactus Man


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        Re: house re-plumb with wirsbo/pex info please

        Thanks for keeping us updated Cactusman

        I'm curious to see what the price will come in at, I have a family friend looking at almost the same job who lives in Glendale (Rose lane).

        I would have left a few dollars on the table using my local prices 3-4K$ but than again I'm in rural Oklahoma.


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          Re: house re-plumb with wirsbo/pex info please

          Good day OkiBill and group,

          Work has begun on the re-plumbing project!

          Yesterday the team arrived and in less than 2 1/2 hours ran a new 1" wirsbo/pex line from the water meter to the house. This was from setting up the back hoe to cleaning up!
          2 guys both Americans!!!! the run was about 45 feet.

          The old run was 1" sked-40 PVC!!!!! and it too was leaking [I never new that]
          The original galvanized 1" pipe at the entry was also very plugged to where maybe a Bic pen would fit inside the pipe!!!!!

          Today the interior work begins. I'll report back on this part later.

          Regarding cost..well, OkiBIll please privately e-mail me and I can discuss particulars with you. I live near 59th Ave and Thunderbird Ave. I can recommend this crew for your job. They are professional, and excellent!!!!..and Americans!!!!

          I have already added to the project so pricing has changed. I have asked them to drop a 3/4 gas line in the kitchen so I can finally get a gas stove! I hate electric stoves and I should have done this years ago when there was another opportunity to do it!

          They will install the stove and a new range fan to exhaust to the outside.

          Cactus Man


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            Re: house re-plumb with wirsbo/pex info please

            Originally posted by cactusman View Post
            Good day OkiBill and group,

            Work has begun on the re-plumbing project!
            Need pics, lots of pics
            Buy cheap, buy twice.


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              Re: house re-plumb with wirsbo/pex info please

              Progress report:

              1. sorry I'm unable to post photos but, close your eyes and think scary things!

              2. progress has slowed due to pipes in Phoenix are breaking all over! My plumber had to run to two emergency calls!

              3. The manifolds are built and mounted..I am using 3/4" wirsbo/pex. The reason is the 1/2" size after valves are installed is really small!!! I specified 3/4" and the plumber said that's all he uses for re-plumbing jobs! The run from the water meter into the house is 1"

              4. The holes in the walls are now obvious. The good news is, one room has one hole. The laundry room has a hole for a new washer box. The guest bathroom has the most holes. One in the tub area, and two along the wall behind the sink and toilet. This wall backs up to the other bathroom in the master bed room so all work can be accomplished without messing up the other bathroom!

              5. now for the scary stuff.....All the galvanized pipe in the walls were loose!!! None were secured. They used KOTEX!!! yep feminine napkins wrapped around the galvanized pipe in "critical areas" to stop any rattling noise!!!!

              The master bathroom that had some copper pipe for a new shower had cold solder joints and who knows how long it has been leaking!!!! Other signs of leaks in the galvanized pipe and unions are quite obvious as most of them rusted shut!!!!!

              So far no obvious mold challenges, but I do plan to hit as much as I can with bleach before I close things up.

              6. tomorrow the crew [all Americans] will be here early as the attic is getting hot 105F and they will run all the pex lines.

              The logic is to keep the loss of water in the house to a minimum. so far, we had no water for 2 1/2 hours.

              Once all the pex is run they will attach them to the manifold, install the water softener loop with valves. Then they will stub out to all the fixtures in copper and start connecting the fixtures and bring them on line one at a time.

              I will be replacing the shower and the tub fixtures as they are probably a mess from the debris in the old plumbing.

              7. My part which is dry wall repair will not be that big a deal...My plumber told me to just by big posters and place them over the openings..ha ha Just kidding. I will do the drywall work at my pleasure and not rush the job.

              That's it so far. I hope this will encourage those of you with galvanized pipe in their homes to understand what I'm experiencing

              Cactus Man
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                Re: house re-plumb with wirsbo/pex info please

                The re-plumbing adventure is complete.
                I now ask this question...
                "why the hell did we wait so long to do this?"??!!!!

                The static pressure is around 70psi and when the water is running it measures around

                All fixtures are now running at maximum and it's wonderful. A real shower!!!!

                I have a reverse osmosis system for drinking water so drinking straight from the tap is not something we usually do. I do however, notice and waxy odor/after taste when drinking cold water straight from the tap. I have been told this will go away after a while..I'm not too concerned as we have been drinking cruddy rusted water from the galvanized pipes for close to 20 years in this house yuk! I have replacement filters on order for the osmosis system.

                Thanks to those that offered answers and quality advice to my questions. -For those of you being cute/funny please note that when folks come here to ask questions they are looking for real advice not slighting comments.

                Cactus Man


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                  Re: house re-plumb with wirsbo/pex info please

                  I'm glad it worked out for you.

                  "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

                  I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!