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  • galvanized fittings

    hello all!
    i'm a newbie and hope my questions don't appear too stupid but here goes.
    is there a fitting that is compression type that will couple two sections of galvanized half inch pipe? i want to cut in to a section between fittings and temporarily repair a pin hole. i know that if it was copper tubing i could solder a sleeve over it or use a compression brass fitting to fix, but like i said this is steel pipe. thanks to all.


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    Re: galvanized fittings

    there are brass "g" couplings. they use a rubber gasket to squeeze onto the pipe. make sure you use the brass ones and not the pvc plastic ones.

    also very important to strap the ends together to prevent pull out.

    buy 2 brass grounding clamps and a piece of #6 solid copper ground wire.

    install the ground clamps a couple inches behind each side of the g coupling. then tighten the ground wire tight to both halves. this will prevent a pull out and retain a good ground system.

    of course a threaded union would be the right call.

    they also have higher end g couplings with stainless inserts that bite better onto the pipe. hard and expensive to find. the utility co. has them for repairs on their service side.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: galvanized fittings

      They have compression couplings at most hardware stores. They also have a "clamp on" leak fix thing which bolts around the pipe and presses a piece of rubber against the leak.

      I've never used the clamp on thing but have seen them fail (and then replaced with a brass compression coupling).

      With the compression coupling, I saw out a small section of pipe (enough to slip on coupling), then if pipe was underground, I file the crud off the pipe ends, especially where the compression rubber will contact the pipe. Then I sand it with wet and dry sandpaper and pour a little water over the pipe ends to clean them.

      And as said above, very important to also connect ground wire between pipe ends. Be sure to file/sand/clean for these as well so they make good electrical contact. Certain electrical wiring malfunction situations could become quite dangerous if the "cold water pipe ground" is lost and that ground is the only ground for the house. (New construction also uses ground rods.)