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Is time on my side?

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  • Is time on my side?

    just a little different from the song by the Stones!

    I did a little test tho other day... i filled up a bottle with water and i calculated the time it took (from the sink) to fill it.

    no matter if i use the cold tap, hot tap or both at the same time... it takes roughly the same amount of time to fill the bottle... i would have thought that with hot and cold at the same time... it would take half the time... does it have to do with the size of the faucet and not the pressure?

    if there a formula that can be applied? how fast a 1/2 pipe takes to fill a gallon? a 3/4" pipe?

    thanks for ur time... and patience!

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    Re: Is time on my side?

    The aerator regulates the GPM of water coming out of the faucet


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      Re: Is time on my side?

      you can do any easy timed event...... find a 1/2 line in your house and a 5 gallon bucket and.... open line... time the bucket fill and that should be your answer. repeat for a 3/4 line.
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        Re: Is time on my side?

        Flow rate is more important than pressure. That's affected by static pressure, pipe size and condition, and distance. And, as already mentioned, the aerator.


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          Re: Is time on my side?

          And if u wanna find out ur GPM, then take 5gal bucket, start running water and use ur stopwatch to determite how long it takes to fill the bucket. Then devide 5 by ur seconds and devide result by 60 to get ur close GPM.

          Pressure is the same, volume also. Even if u mix 3/8 and 3/8 to 3/8