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Over-tightening Galvanized Fittings

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  • Over-tightening Galvanized Fittings

    My wife and I just bought a house and noticed a leak under the sink. I went to shutoff the valves under the sink and surprise none were there. I didn't have the time to fix the problem right then so I went to shut-off supply to the house. That valve was rusted open on the inside. I had the city come and shut off the main and I replaced the shutoff tonight. In doing so, I was tightening the new fittings and to get them to line up right, I had to back them off a bit from where I had them tightened in the first place. I used a healthy amount of pipe joint compound when making the connections. Do I need to replace those fittings do to a broken seal or will it be ok? I don't want to call the city out to turn it on just to have them come back and turn it off again. Plus it's thirty dollars to do it each time.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Over-tightening Galvanized Fittings

    I don't know the condition of your fittings.A new pipe/nipple in an old corroded fitting could split the fitting.I haven't yet in all my years but I guess it could happen.Then again I don't monster my steel,only enough to properly set taper.

    Back and forth does weaken the seat.You may be alright though.

    Use teflon tape,four to five layers in the direction of the threads.Then push the tape into the valleys by squezing between your thumb and forefinger.Then apply dope on tape and inside dry fitting.This will help lubricate to maximize applied torque.