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Question Regarding water heater

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  • Question Regarding water heater

    I am from India and the electric water heaters available around here around here seem to be quite peculiar compared to the designs I see on the internet. Both the Inlet and the outlet pipe are connected at the bottom of the heater.

    This means that the hot water is drawn from the bottom of the heater? This cannot be efficient since the hot water always rises to the top. Also some of these models can even be mounted sideways. Here in India water heaters are generally purchased in small sizes and mounted right at the point of use rather than installing a large one in a central location.

    I also remember being told that the heating coil is right at the bottom and the outlet pipe is inserted further inside so that if the water is depleted the water level does not drop below the coil, hence preventing the heater from being turned on dry.

    I know this question seems long, I just need to know 2 things
    • How this design works
    • how water begins to flow-in and fill the heater completely once connected since there is no way for the air inside the heater to come out.
    Thanks for taking the trouble to read this and answering the question if possible.

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    Re: Question Regarding water heater

    In the States, we don't have heaters like that. There might be some in Britain.

    My best advice would be to saw one in half so you can see how it works. I'm guessing an internal pipe that draws water from the top.


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      Re: Question Regarding water heater

      Please post the make and model number of the water heater you are describing.


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        Re: Question Regarding water heater

        Thanks for replying so quickly!
        Herk, Its possible that the design is a british one, Since most of the things here in India are usually of british design. It still puzzles me tho.

        Myakka, I dont exactly know which model we are using here at home as it was purchased some 35 years ago. It still seems to be working fine. I think we did get it repaired once. However this model would no longer be available now.

        I did find a similar model online though. Its made by a company called bajaj and their products are quite popular here in India. Like all other water heaters here the in/out connections are made from the bottom!