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Symmons TA-10 Spindle replacement

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  • Symmons TA-10 Spindle replacement

    After installing a new TA-10 spindle I have to crank down very hard to stop dripping tub spout. Any ideas how I can acheive a easier shut off?

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    Re: Symmons TA-10 Spindle replacement

    the symmons uses a special double seat. it requires a special symmons seat removal tool. square bar stock can work if you know what you're doing, but it too easy to slip and ruin the seats.

    remove the spindle and look inside with a flashlight. if there is any nick or wear pattern on either seat, replace it. also look at the new spindle washers for any debris or impression.

    are you sure the drip is not residual water from the shower head. flip the diverter lever under the handle and put it in a neutral position when finished to speed up the draining process.

    phoebe it is