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water taste and pex?

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  • water taste and pex?

    you may have read my earlier post about re-plumbing the house.....

    well I was wondering about the taste of water in pex.
    for years we have been drinking water via rusted galvanized pipe.
    We also have a reverse osmosis unit for our drinking water. We do use the reverse osmosis water 100% of the time because the rusted pipes had awful tasting water.

    I notice an odd after taste when drinking water directly from the tap. I really can't describe it exactly but it has an unusual plastic/waxy flavor. It's just weird!

    Will this dissipate over time ? ...just as say that new car smell or new electronic smell that you are familiar with? So I guess I'm wondering if after the water runs through the new pex
    for a while it will wash away and manufacture residue inside which is effecting a clean taste? The wisbro/pex is all from fresh new boxes/rolls and is "clean"

    Oh, on a different note...I saw the new shower fixture prior to installation they used Moen fixtures]..I was shocked to see that the 1/2" pipe [hot/cold lines] connects to the brass fittings but the opening for the water is a small hole [maybe 5/32 diameter or a bit smaller?]. I expected the 1/2" fitting would be a real 1/2" opening for the water to go through. Now, the shower does work well and lots of pressure but still I expected larger openings!

    Oh, I measured the water pressure at the outside faucet..I get a static pressure of 70psi and when the water is is on flowing via the hose I get 50psi.

    I think that's ok from what I've read.

    Thanks for all your comments

    Cactus Man

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    Re: water taste and pex?

    The taste will go away. Any chance on some pics of the work?
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      Re: water taste and pex?

      Ben, have you noticed roughly how long on average usage does the taste take to go away?
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        Re: water taste and pex?

        did you use braided supplies? if so are they pro flo? if so throw them out and use pex supplies
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          Re: water taste and pex?

          Originally posted by haycad View Post
          did you use braided supplies? if so are they pro flo? if so throw them out and use pex supplies
          I keep hearing from you guys out west about crappy braided supplies. I have not used the pro-flow brand (don't even know if I can get them) but the brand we use is fine. Never had a leaking problem with them.


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            Re: water taste and pex?

            The Moen valve body is quite restrictive, as seem to be all tub/shower valves, no matter what manufacturer. Thats why many custom shower setups are using high-flow valves, or multiple valves. The ID of PEX is smaller than copper or galvanized and comparable to CPVC. When using insert fittings this restricts the flow even more. That's why many plumbers are only running one fixture on a 1/2" line, and many are using a 1" service. Hopefully yours is done this way. Regardless, the point of highest flow restriction is at the aerator or the faucet cartridge itself. I have never noticed or had anyone complain about a taste/smell when using PEX.
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