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Lift stations, ejector pump, and/or macerator

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  • Lift stations, ejector pump, and/or macerator

    My wife and I are looking at finishing most of the rest of our currently unfinished basement. In doing so we are looking at some requirements for an area where we hope to put a bathroom someday in the future. In the process of completing this project, we are looking at what we may be covering with drywall that we would possibly want to get out of the way before hand if at all possible or possibly alter our plans all together. The things that currently come to mind are things that will be overhead or require access overhead. The room itself where the bathroom will be going will be left unfinished, but much of the length of the basement getting to this room we hope to finish now. That being said we are currently thinking on are:

    1. We will need some kind of lift station or pump as where the sewer exits the house is approximately 16 inches above the basement floor. The future bathroom will be located against one wall where the current main drain goes overhead before dropping down to a 90 where it exits the house. Overhead it is approximately 7.5 feet above the basement floor. We have been told by our local plumbers 2 different options. One being a sewer ejector which will break up and pump the sewage to the drain. The other being a macerator (I think) where it will "grind" the solid waste to a more sludge like substance. From what I understand is the ejector is cheaper, but the macerator is better as the pieces will be smaller and have less chance of furture blockages. I am interested in any opinions from the experts on here. I ask as I am not sure if the differences between the two may have drastically different power needs or something else I don't know that we may need to plan for in covering the walls/ceiling getting to/leaving this room.

    2. Venting. Not sure what our options might be regarding venting the future bathroom and if we may need to go into the walls on the main floor to achieve this. Do we have any options to not get into the main floor? Is this something that can go up a bit then horizontally out a side wall? Or other options?

    3. This one would likely be more appropriately asked in the Electrical forum, but though I might try here first. Right now there is a 20Amp dedicated circuit going to the room. Does the pump/ejector/whatever need to be on its own circuit? Curious to know if I should pull another circuit before I cover the joists with drywall so it is there and available in the future.

    I have attempted to post a couple of pics that may give some more insight. The main drain overhead is 3" PVC and it transitions to 4" PVC at the elbow where it exits the house. Hot and cold water supply is currently available over head.

    Your help and advice is certainly much appreciated!
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    Re: Lift stations, ejector pump, and/or macerator

    If the bathroom is going to be used on a regular basis I would recommend the macerator pump over the ejector. Higher cost but less maintenance and nuisance servicing.

    Also take a look at this product from Zoeller Pump Company:


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      Re: Lift stations, ejector pump, and/or macerator

      I would check this site out have installed a couple of his systems and they seem to work well, Don