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Toilet with bad Quality Control-Now What?

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  • Toilet with bad Quality Control-Now What?

    I just finished setting a really nice toilet. American Std Champion 4 one piece - the one with the slow closing seat. Anyway, when I looked closely at the bottom edge that contacts the tile, I can see that it had a flaw before it was glazed and the edge is not completely formed.

    When standing in front of it, I can see that the front right quadrant is pretty much missing the slightly rounded lip that the rest of the bottom edge has.
    The reason that this may be a problem is that I have had the toilet unopened and stored in it's original packaging for several months. I would normally inspect something, but I wasn't expecting to be installing this for a while since it is for my own personal home (I was working on a customer's house) and I didn't want it to get damaged after opening the container.

    My question is, will American Std give me a hard time? I took some digital pictures and will send it to them. It is pretty obvious that it is a problem with the casting of this toilet and it never should have gone on for glazing. They don't have their email address showing for customer support so I will have to call them tomorrow morning.

    I actually had been waiting for this toilet since before the last KBIS show and was impressed. It is one of their most expensive toilets and I don't want potential customers seeing some giant caulking job at the bottom of my toilet. I just want it replaced. Please let me know if you have had any experience with their customer service - thanks!

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    Re: Toilet with bad Quality Control-Now What?

    I have very little customer service experience with Am. Standard. They don't have much market penetration in my area. I would say to look for a local dealer. They would have more weight in dealing with the situation as they order truck shipments.

    I had the same situation with a Kohler one piece that was a bad casting. It wasn't level/square. And yes the floor was level/square. I checked and double checked in every way.

    Anyway, Kohler replaced mine without question and paid minimal labor. But I was dealing with a local Kohler certified showroom. Good Luck!



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      Re: Toilet with bad Quality Control-Now What?

      Thanks JC,

      I stopped by the plumbing supply where I bought it and the first thing the guy says is "Well, we're not going to replace it!"

      I told him,"I know, I know, I'm just trying to find out if there is someone that I can talk to to try to get a replacement as this was something strange that I obviously didn't do."

      He ended up giving me the number of the West Coast /American Std. When I got through, the woman didn't give me the run around. I told her that I was nervous because I had it for so long. She asked me if I could send in the photos and serial and model numbers and told me that I needn't worry - that they would help take care of this. I will let you know how this turns out.


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        Re: Toilet with bad Quality Control-Now What?

        You need a new plbg. supply house. That answer would have sent me thru the roof.Mine will go the extra mile for a satisfied customer, I never have a problem with customer service issues.


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          Re: Toilet with bad Quality Control-Now What?

          Yeah, the guy was really rude. I had started to give him a little background on my problem and he cut me off and said,"just tell me what you want." I was pretty pissed off, but I still needed some cooperation so I tried not to react negatively. Since that was where I bought the w/c, I figure that it may be the place where I have to get the replacement delivered. I try to live by the first rule of camping - never crap where you eat (sorry, a little plumbing humor).

          Anyways, to his credit, he did give me a good number to call and ended up offering some suggestions about how to deal with Amer Std on something like this. My fault for dressing like a homeowner that day.

          I don't get to this forum very much and I just noticed some of the smilies. I wish I could bring a couple of them to another forum that I frequent.