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  • shower drain ~ conrete

    Hi all,

    Quick question for you all. I relocated a shower drain in my basement and put new concrete around it leaving enough room for the drain housing. It will be a pre-molded shower pan.

    We've had quite a bit of rain and it appears I'm getting water pressing back up around the sides of the drain pipe. We've always had some water issues in the basement, I'm assuming I've got hydraulic pressure from beneath the floor. The toilet flange does not leak similarly. Is there some way to seal the area where the 2" pipe and the concrete meet each other?

    I live in Iowa, and I am willing to tear it back up if I need to. The main drain pipe that the trap attaches to was not very deep at all and when I tore out the old pipe and trap, the top of the trap was only 1/2 below the surface of the concrete poured into the rough opening. When I replaced it, I was able to get that deeper, but not much.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: shower drain ~ conrete

    I had a similar issue with my water main in the basement floor. I bought a tube of Watertite Polyurethane sealant for concrete/masonry applied it around the pipe and haven’t had any issues since.

    I'm not a plumber but that was my $3 fix. If mine ever leaks again I will be able to visibly see it, yours may remain hidden and lead to other issues. If you are not in a hurry try the sealant and see it leaks over a period of time (week or two). There is plenty of wet weather this time of year to test the seal.


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      Re: shower drain ~ conrete

      I would work on the water problem first. You may need to install a sump pump to remove the water under the slab and then maybe use a flexible sealant around the drain.


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        Re: shower drain ~ conrete

        agree; I think sealing the water out is adressing the symptom, not the problem.

        That said, I have had good luck with a cementicious product called 'hydro-plug'. concrete-y stuff kind of like mason's mix that comes in a paint can. I've used it with good results on septic tank outlet lines where the gasket has failed.
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          Re: shower drain ~ conrete

          Thanks for the ideas guys. I do already have a sump pump, but I think it only drains a perimeter tile. I'm certain I need some way to remove water from under the slab, but I'm not sure how to even go about that.

          I did end up buying hydraulic cement, that's used for patching pools and stuff in a wet environment. I laid that in there and packed it all around the pipe and so far anyway, there has been no more water seeping in. BUT, I assume that just means it will find a new place to get into the basement