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  • mystery leak

    I had a leak yesterday through the floor into the basement, the water had gone through the drywall (finished basement) and was leaking. It was right below the laundry room and when I ripped out the soaked drywall I saw the water had come through the openings in the floorboard for the pipes for the cold and hot water. The mystery is it was a small amount of water, maybe a cup or 2 at the most, and we ran the machine again and no more leaks. My only theory is a an uneven load was causing too much vibration and water somehow got out when the machine was draining during the spin cycle. The house was built in 2001, and the drain/faucet setup in the laundry room is very similar to this one:

    Any ideas?

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    Re: mystery leak

    some ideas:

    - restricted drain and water overflowed the box on spin cycle... should be able to repeat it if so... had you just run a load of wash?

    - the drain hose got part way out of the drain... had you just run a load of wash?

    - supply hose got loose and you tightened it in the process of pulling the washer out to cut out the drywall and putting the washer back

    - leaking packing on shutoff valves and you opened and closed them when pulling/replacing washer and moved them around enough they decided to quit leaking for now

    - it's still leaking like a sieve, but for some reason it is now coming out only under the floor; are you on a slab or is there a crawlspace to check?

    - pinhole in supply pipe under slab that has found somewhere else to go than up... had you just run a load of wash?

    - nothing to do with the washer; you have something above it on the next floor leaking and running down the vent for the washer and happened to use the something that leaks while running a load and so suspected the washer... are there any fixtures on the next floor right above the washer? Two floors up?
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      Re: mystery leak

      The laundry room is on the first floor, the water leaked down into the basement through the holes in the floor where the pipes to the washer come up through. I did run a load of laundry after discovering the leak and it didn't happen again.