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Blanking off a toilet flange

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  • Blanking off a toilet flange

    Hey there-

    I have a toilet in my basement that I wish to remove. Are there blanking plates available that I can use to cap off the line at the flange?


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    Re: Blanking off a toilet flange

    There are a couple of ways to do this. Sometimes the flange can be broken off and the hub cut/removed if it is PVC, allowing you to glue a cap on the pipe. I have seen people break off the flange, pack the pipe with a towel, and then concrete overtop. I would recommend leaving the flange and installing a dollar (compression) plug along with silicone if there is any chance you might use it in the future.
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      Re: Blanking off a toilet flange

      call me overly accessive, but I would break up the concrete, snap cut the closet bend and install a blind plug and no hub.

      I sleep better at night knowing that in 10 years there will be no problems with stoppages, moisture under the slab or anything else.

      I have of course plugged a rag and poured plumbers dynamite in, but it was in a factory and with no warrenty.