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permanent toilet removal?

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  • permanent toilet removal?

    I searched and found some answers to temporary toilet removal and the dollar plug with wingnut bit. And I want to be sure that this can be used as a permanent fix.
    Situation: we recently moved to a house that the previous owners had converted the garage and laundry room to permanent indoor space and added a false step up floor to make a half bath in the laundry room, we were getting that foghorn type huimming sound in the wall when the toilet was on, we closed the valve to the toilet and it doesn't do it anymore, concluding the toilet had issues, this makes a third bath for a small home that isn't necessary for us so my fiance chose to remove the toilet and use the space to store his toolbox next to the sink were he can wash up, the maintenance guy at work said cut the pipe off below the floor and seal it as well as cap off the water line to it. My fiance capped the water line and did not alter the pipe to the toilet but simply removed the toilet and inserted one of those expanding plugs with the wingnut, he doesn't mind it being visually icky but we don't intend to use it again, other than aesthetics, is this acceptable as a long term solution to removing a toilet and safe gas wise for our family?

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    Re: permanent toilet removal?

    I know this doesn't answer your question, but I wanted to add some advice.
    If you have any plans to move in the foreseeable future, try and find a safe way to temporarily plug that line. You may not find use for three baths in a small house, but an extra bath has significant value on the real estate market. I flip houses, and if I add a bedroom and a bathroom to a house, it will increase the value of the house by approx. 20%.
    If you do decide to permanently remove it, check with your city assessor and make sure they have recorded the lowered number of bathrooms. This could potentially lower the assessed value of the property, and thus lower your property taxes.


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      Re: permanent toilet removal?

      You could cut it below the floor, use a Fernco cap on the pipe. Than if you want to put it back in, get a Fernco coupling and put it back in. Of
      course, hiring a plumber to reset the toilet at that point would be best, so you might as well have them do that too.
      sigpic3:00, I mean 5:00, and work is done. Time to crack a cold one.