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  • Residential Gas Line

    Here's a question for you. I was looking at a foreclosure house for sale yesterday, and when looking at the gas meter, inside the basement, I noticed the inlet (1 1/4 inch iron) pipe was corroded through and inside of the metal pipe you could see the yellow plastic main line. It looks like it was pushed through the corroded pipe and I would guess flared at the junction. The meter had two hangers on it securing it to the ceiling joists, it wouldn't budge when I tried to physically move it. Is this anywhere near code? I would think further degradation of the metal pipe could cause problems with the plastic pipe inside of it. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Residential Gas Line

    Yes, it was most likley done by the gas company and it is now standard procedure for fixing old rusted out gas lines.


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      Re: Residential Gas Line

      as far as code where are you from

      and the metal pipe is just a sleeve and the meter off the floor joist is ok

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        Re: Residential Gas Line

        In Kentucky, near Cincinnati. The gas meter is in the basement with the inlet pipe about 3 feet below grade. Almost all of the area outside is concrete. There is a section of sidewalk that is new, suggesting they removed it to get to the line, then snaked the plastic through the old pipe to avoid tearing out everything up to the house. I ran new plastic for an old house I lived in once, that stuff appears to be pretty rugged, but was thinking rusted black iron could become sharp and maybe cut through it in time. I put in a bid on the house; we will see how desperate the bank is.


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          Re: Residential Gas Line

          i'm assuming that the yellow pipe was on the gas co's side of the meter/ inlet.

          the pipe you noticed is hdpe. probably 1/2'' cts. this pipe is very durable and is used in both slip lining and underground utilities.

          you can always ask the gas co to look at it. they will fix it if it's an issue.

          phoebe it is